Monthly Emailers

Radhika Parekh
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Engage, retain, and convert your audience with persuasive and engaging daily emails that sound just like you.

Once you choose this plan and pay for it, you'll receive a mail within 12 hours that will have:

  1. A questionnaire to know more about your brand or business
  2. An invite link that will onboard you on an Asana
  3. A Calendy link for a 30-min branding call

As soon as we are done with the branding call, I start with my work and send the first draft of deliverables within 8-10 business days.

So delegate your email copywriting task now.

It will just take you 30 secs.

No contracts.

No back-and-forth calls.

Pure work.

I want this!

Get the first draft of your 20 email copy in 8-10 days.

Email Copy
Subject line variations per Email
Business questionnaire
Branding Call
Access to Asana Portal

Monthly Emailers

0 ratings
I want this!